Use of technical equipment

· track machine Kässbohrer Pisten Bully 100 or
400 for clearing artificial snow            107 € per hour    
· track machine Kässbohrer Pisten Bully 100 or
400 for maintenance work on ski tracks                                                             92 € per hour
· snowmobile with driver                             52 € per hour  
· snowmobile’s sleigh                                                                        7 € per hour  
· ATV with driver                                                                               52 € per hour 
· ATV's trailer Respo                                                                          7 € per hour  
· car’s trailer Respo                                                                          11 € per hour  
· wheeled tractor New Hollander with front-end loader      42 € per hour
· wheeled tractor John Deere with snowplow, mower or trailer                                                                                                                                42 € per hour 
· wheeled tractor with street cleaning brush                          42 € per hour 
· snow cannon Latemar M90, Areco Supersnow or
Techno Alpin M18 or T60                                                               57 € per hour 
· water abstraction hoses 20 m for snow cannon                     7 € pc/day    
· lawn tractor Stiga                                                                          26 € per hour  
· small tractor AVANT 635 with accessories (soil bucket, lifting fork, snowplow, lawn mower, trailer, sand dispenser, street cleaning brush)                                        42 € per hour     · lawn tractor with drum mower Jacobsen Tri King           42 € per hour

* The drum mower can only be used for mowing grass in football fields.

* The price for using the snow cannon applies to making snow also outside the territory of Tehvandi.

* Tehvandi will choose the track machine used for performing track work.  

The board of Tehvandi Sport Center will establish the price list for the inventory and it will be published on the homepage of this foundation

Foundation Tehvandi Sport Center receives the right to make changes to the prices without prior notice.